Why Are People Preferring Invisalign over Conventional Braces

Why Are People Preferring Invisalign over Conventional Braces

Feb 01, 2020

Everyone desires a beautiful and sparkling smile but sometimes due to various reasons we are left with imperfect smiles. Advances in orthodontic technology have however ensured that one has the option of getting a mesmerizing smile in the present-day.

Teeth and a good smile both have an important role to play in your appearance. Attracting anyone with beautiful teeth and a magnificent smile is easy. Teeth that are aligned properly require good care from childhood but today many treatments can help to treat your misaligned or crooked teeth.

You may be concerned that the dentist near you is only offering braces which will give you an ungainly appearance before everyone because of the metal brackets and wires on your teeth. However, the dentist in Laguna Beach can provide you Invisalign for straightening your teeth. Invisalign is a set of translucent plastic trays that are used to align your teeth to their proper position. Conventional braces require metal wires to position the teeth, unlike Invisalign. Orthodontic treatments for straightening the teeth can be used by anyone including adults and the introduction of Invisalign has only made the job easier for adults to overcome the daunting task of straightening their teeth. Clear braces from Invisalign are virtually invisible ensuring that people do not recognize that you are correcting imperfections with your teeth.

Why Choose Invisalign over Conventional Braces

Both conventional braces and Invisalign have been developed to straighten teeth and to enhance your oral health, appearance, and smile. However customers especially adults prefer using Invisalign near you because of the benefits it has over braces.

Invisalign is made from BPA free transparent plastic and is designed to offer invisibility. The clear aligners are worn to position the teeth after dentist 92651 examines your teeth with the help of x-rays, impressions, and images to make a 3D image of your dentition to shape the trays.

The invisible braces are better than conventional braces and are preferred even by orthodontists. Therefore they research regularly to make Invisalign Laguna Beach technology available to everyone. Some of the major reasons why people are preferring Invisalign over conventional braces are the following:

Invisalign Is Pleasing, Aesthetically Designed, And Comfortable

The aligners from Invisalign are manufactured from soft medical grade plastic making them comfortable and hasslefree to wear. Conventional braces have metal wires that may tear the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks to cause pain. Conventional braces are painful throughout the treatment because of the pressure they apply on the teeth for straightening them. Invisalign, on the other hand, has a process that requires changing the plastic trays every two weeks to gradually help reposition your teeth by applying low-pressure on them.

Invisalign offers a pleasing appearance because they are transparent. You can have your teeth straightened without anyone noticing the aligners in your mouth which will be entirely different if you have conventional braces.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Another major advantage over conventional braces is the ease of cleaning and maintaining Invisalign aligners. You can remove them from your mouth for the cleaning before placing them back. You will be advised to remove them when having any foods and beverages apart from water and replace them after you complete your oral hygiene routine. This flexibility will undoubtedly improve your oral hygiene and prevent discoloration of the teeth. This is in sharp contrast to traditional braces that cannot be removed and cleaned.

No Food Restrictions

With Invisalign, you will not be prevented from having any foods you want. You just need to ensure that you remove the braces when having the foods you want because the fear of harming the aligners does not exist. You just need to ensure that you do not have any foods or beverages with the aligners apart from water. Therefore you have the option of straightening your teeth without being concerned about the restrictions you may have to endure for the duration of the treatment.

Faster Results

Conventional braces need at least 36 months to deliver results but in some cases, the treatment may last even longer. Invisalign can offer you the results in about 6 to 18 months ensuring that your smile looks better much faster than conventional braces.

If wearing braces seem unpleasant you now have the option of Invisalign in Laguna Beach that also has clinics in nearby locations like Shaw’s Cove, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, and Corona Del Mar. With such facilities available at places near you it would be a gross injustice if you let your smile remain as it is and not make an effort to improve it with Invisalign clear braces.

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