Understand the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns before Opting for the Traditional Variety

Understand the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns before Opting for the Traditional Variety

May 01, 2021

Do you have damaged teeth and need dental crowns without the lengthy process of getting them? What if we said you could conveniently sidestep the entire procedure of getting traditional crowns by choosing a same-day crown near me? You can have your tooth restored by the family dentist near you in a couple of hours at the dental clinic near you. We bet you are surprised by the information. We have prepared ourselves to surprise you more by giving you compelling reasons why you must consider same-day dental crowns to restore your teeth.

This blog provides information on same-day dental crowns from the dentist in Laguna Beach, giving you adequate reasons why you mustn’t overlook them. Please continue Reading to convince yourself same-day crowns are the option you will consider for your restorations.

Why Consider Getting Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Eliminates the Requirement of Restructuring Your Tooth

When dentists prepare your tooth for a traditional dental crown, a better part of your tooth structure is filed away to accommodate the restoration. It merely indicates most of your tooth structure is gone before it is restored. Same-day crowns don’t need intensive preparation confirming that more of your existing tooth is preserved. The procedure for having them isn’t intensive and ensures that most of your tooth structure remains intact.

No Temporary Crowns in Your Mouth

Consider getting traditional crowns, and you must wait for three to four weeks after tooth preparation with temporary crowns over your teeth. It is because conventional crowns are customized in a dental lab by technicians and not by your dentist. The temporaries are uncomfortable and challenging to manage, and particularly unpleasant. Opt for same-day crowns CEREC, and you eliminate the need for temporaries in your mouth. You visit dentist 92651 with an appointment and walk out of the dentist’s office with your teeth restored, gleaming widely from ear to ear.

Time-Saving Procedure

Traditional crowns require multiple visits to the dentist’s office to have your restoration customized by technicians in a dental lab, besides the time you spend with the dentist preparing your teeth to accommodate the crown, fitting your temporaries, and completing any other procedures. Thankfully same-day CEREC crowns are fabricated in the dental laboratory immediately after the Laguna Beach dentist takes digital impressions of your teeth to simulate the dental crown right away. You can stroll around the dental office for a couple of hours with your damaged tooth with the knowledge that your restoration will hide the damages soon. Besides saving you multiple visits to the dentist’s office, same-day crowns also allow you to walk away with your repair in one visit.

Same-Day Crowns Fabricated from High-Quality Ceramic

Don’t consider same-day crowns similar to temporaries the dentists provide if you want traditional crowns. CEREC crowns are fabricated to remain in your mouth for good. The crowns are manufactured from high-quality ceramic, ensuring you have no metal in your mouth. The ceramic ensures there are no materials in them that irritate your gums and surrounding teeth. In reality, same-day crowns have the same properties as your tooth enamel.

Natural Appearance

Same-day crowns are fabricated with precision to ensure they look better than traditional crowns. The same-day crown is a functional and aesthetically pleasing replacement for your damaged tooth, both in shape and color. They allow you to show off your smile on a date or when socializing with friends.

Tooth Restorations Simplified

CEREC technology has simplified tooth restorations compared to traditional crowns. Same-day crowns allow you to trade weeks for a few hours to have your tooth fixed. Additionally, you don’t have to deal with extensive tooth preparation before you can restore your damaged tooth.

Comfortable Fitting

You have a traditional crown that requires weeks to get and doesn’t align properly with your teeth besides being uncomfortable after the discomfort you underwent with the temporaries. Instead of a traditional crown, you choose a same-day crown and what you get is a restoration that’s comfortable in your mouth in a single visit to the dentist in newport coast. Wouldn’t you think it is a better choice?

Are Same-Day Crowns Expensive?

Dental crowns, traditional or same-day, aren’t cheap. If you will spend a significant sum to have your tooth restored, isn’t it worth making amends by getting an excellent solution without wasting weeks or damaging your tooth further? If you accept our view, you will consider same-day crowns as appropriate for your restoration. The technology making these crowns is precise digital scanning and milling, ensuring that your crown fits the first time perfectly. The dentist considers everything, including your tooth contours, before fabricating the crown before you. If any adjustments are required, they are accomplished and there in the dental office before the crown is bonded to your tooth.

Have we convinced you that same-day crowns are just as beneficial or more than traditional crowns? If your answer is yes, you must contact the Laguna Beach dentist for the restorations you need within a day.

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