Have you ever felt nervous about going to the dentist? It’s an incredibly common feeling that just about everyone feels at one point or another. As a dentist in Laguna Beach, we’re passionate about finding ways to make our patients more comfortable and at ease during their time at our office. One of the newest ways we can do this is by providing no-drill dentistry near you by using the Solea Laser.

What is Solea Laser Dentistry?

Laguna Family Dental has a Solea Laser dentist near you that offers noise-free, anxiety-free, needle-free, and suture-free treatments. Solea is a dental laser that utilizes a specific wavelength to offer fast results regardless of your dental procedure, including laser tooth extraction, painless fillings, and more.The lasert emits a narrow yet powerful beam of light used to dissolve and restructure tissue and enamel. The laser enables the dentist to work on any tooth, whether natural or restored.

Our dentist near you offers the benefits of the Solea dental laser in Laguna Beach. Some of the main benefits are:

  • It helps to alleviate anxiety. There are no needles or drilling sounds when using the laser.
  • Solea laser fillings do not cause gum bleeding or discomfort.
  • Most treatments may be completed in a single visit by our Laguna Beach dentist.
  • It is anesthesia-free, which means you will not be numb and can eat and drink soon after the surgery.

What Can Patients Expect?

By offering a Solea dental laser near you, we understand that most people don’t know what to expect during an appointment using a dental CO2 laser. Our team will walk you through treatment and explain what to expect both before your procedure and in prep.

Next, we will use the computer to locate the damaged location and concentrate the laser to eliminate the cavity or infection. The procedure is quick and takes a few minutes. No matter what type of procedure you’re getting done, Solea laser fillings are completely painless and are covered by most insurance companies. Please call Laguna Family Dental today if you are interested in more information on how Solea laser dentistry can change your smile.

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