Root Canal Treatment Near You

The word endodontics can be separated into, eno, “within,” and odous, meaning “tooth.” Endodontic therapy, also referred to as root canal therapy in Laguna Beach, CA, within the tooth. It is aimed at removing, clearing, the infection at the pulp.

When Does a Tooth Need Dental Care Near You?

The outermost layer of the tooth is called the enamel, which consists of mineral, organic matter, and water. The sometimes yellow appearance in the tooth color is a result of dentin discoloration. Dentin is needed to support the outermost layer, the enamel. Lastly, the dental pulp is the center of the tooth. Part of the pulp is actually inside the root, also known as the root canals near me, and is made up of soft tissue. The pulp includes a network of nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for making the dentin, supplying nutrients and moisture to the tooth, and allowing extreme temperatures to be sensed.

If the pulp of the tooth decays or becomes diseased, in order to save the tooth, endodontic therapy is required. This involves the removal of everything that is present inside the canal. By removing everything from the canal, the area can be left clean and decontaminated via using irrigation solutions. The area is then filled with an inert filling. After this procedure, the patient will no longer feel pain, as the tooth will be dead since all of the nerve tissues will be taken out, and the infection will ultimately be eliminated.

What can you expect from the first appointments?

The first appointment will focus on removing all of the infection and the contents of the pulp in order to disinfect and clear the area. The area will then be filled with specialized material, and a crown is then manufactured to prevent the tooth from breaking. It is important to notify our office as soon as any tooth sensitivity or pain is felt. If a cavity or fracture is present, root canal treatment near 92651 may be prevented if early measures are taken to remove the decay or fix the fracture with a composite filling, onlays, or crowns.

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