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Veneers are thin porcelain covers that are placed on top of the natural teeth. These are placed as coverings over teeth that are desired to be altered in the appearance, shape, size and color. Veneers are usually made of high quality porcelain that is long-lasting. They protect the damaged tooth.

With the desire of an orange county smile, veneers are often placed to cover tooth discoloration, improve smiles and brighten teeth color. They are an excellent way to conservatively mask any undesired defects that individuals may have as a result of being on certain medications, or due to injury or some other traumatic event.

Placing veneers may take several appointments, it will require proper diagnosis, planning the treatment and deciding how the veneer will be placed.

For cosmetic dentistry near me, an appointment with our certified Laguna Beach dentists and dentist in newport coast will be absolutely worthwhile. At Laguna Family Dentistry, we ensure that your dental needs are taken care of, and the services offered accordingly.

Process for Dental Veneers Near You

The teeth are prepared for the placement of the veneer. A small amount of the natural tooth is removed, so that the veneer can be added on top of the natural tooth. If the veneers are made of ceramic, a temporary veneer will be placed and the impression will be sent to the laboratory. At the second appointment, the permanent veneer will be placed. At this appointment, it will be crucial to check the color, shape and feel before cementation.

Veneers are simple to maintain just like natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, avoid grinding your teeth or chewing things extremely hard, such as ice or hard candy. Initially, you will go through a period of getting used to the new teeth, however after about one-two weeks the veneer will feel comfortable.

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