Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Try in 2020

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Try in 2020

Jan 03, 2020

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry records that 99.7% of adults consider a smile to be a vital social asset. People believe that the appearance of your smile can influence how people perceive you and even interact with you. With a beautiful smile comes excellent confidence and the ability to make an excellent first impression. Consequently, it becomes easier for you to succeed not just socially but even in your career.

Over the years, there has been an increased liking of specific dental cosmetic procedures over others. While these procedures are mostly due to a person’s preference, celebrities also tend to influence what methods seem trendier and worth having. Below are some methods you can consider having in 2020.

Teeth Whitening

Although the tooth’s enamel intended to be white, a range of factors can influence the shade of your best teeth whitening near you or bleaching is very popular for enhancing the look of your smile without undergoing any invasive treatment. Whitening kits are easily accessible and are known to be sufficient enough to lighten your teeth by up to 9 shades. The results of a bleaching treatment will, however, vary depending on the severity of staining, the bleaching agent, and the method used. You can have your teeth bleached at the dentist in newport coast or buy a kit to do it yourself at home.

Dental Veneers

If you have slightly crooked, chipped, or discolored teeth, veneers will effectively solve these problems for you. They are thin shells made using porcelain or composite material to custom-fit on the target tooth. Veneers are a great choice when whitening is not an option, or you want to fix a variety of issues with one solution. They are like a manufactured smile hat consists of a tooth-like shell that worn over professionally prepared teeth.


It is a very reliable and effective procedure for replacing lost teeth. The benefits of implants are not restricted to aesthetics alone but also include functional and preventive advantages. Dental implants tend to be just as strong as natural teeth, and this allows you to perform all functions you usually would with natural. You can chew, talk, and smile without fear of people noticing you are wearing implants or that you ever lost a tooth, to begin with, Implants will also help maintain the structure of your face after the tooth has occurred.

Invisible Braces

Braces have been in existence for a long time, but most people put off having them because of how unsightly they were. However, thanks to the evolution of dental care, we now have invisible braces that function just as great as traditional ones. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are some of the most popular brands of clear braces you can find at our Laguna Family Dentistry clinic. Invisible braces help straighten your teeth for a perfect smile but without the inconvenience of unsightly traditional braces.

Composite Dental Bonding

Our dentist in Laguna Beach, CA, will recommend this cosmetic treatment if you have tooth decay or chipping issues. The procedure begins by removing the damaged part of the tooth then applying a bonding agent that allows the tooth to be reshaped and restructured. After applying the bonding agent, the next step is shaping the tooth’s surface using a composite so that it matches your natural teeth. So, if you are bothered by the stains on your teeth or a chip, making an appointment with our dentist at 92651.


Cosmetic Dentist Laguna Beach also includes the use of dental crowns. Crowns are tooth-like caps or sleeves worn over prepared teeth to either protect them, offer extra support, or improve appearance. They are different types of crowns made from different materials that you can choose. Most people prefer acrylic, porcelain, and ceramic crowns as they easily blend in with the rest of the natural teeth. Crowns are great for when you want to correct badly shaped, decayed, or chipped teeth. They can also help close any gaps between teeth.

Our clinic is in Laguna Beach, CA, covering patients from the following nearby locations: Shaw’s Cove, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, and Carona Del Mar. Our cosmetic dentist near you is skilled and highly professional and will guide towards the right decision for a healthy and bright smile.

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