Important Facts About Root Canal Therapy

Important Facts About Root Canal Therapy

Jan 01, 2021

The tooth pulp plays an important role during the growth and development of your tooth. After the tooth has fully developed, the pulp doesn’t play an important role. The pulp can, however, be damaged by several problems like fractures, trauma, and tooth decay. A damaged pulp is a serious dental health hazard. This calls for root canal therapy.

This article has all the important facts you need to know about root canal therapy in Laguna Beach, CA. Accurate information is important when it comes to the root canals near you. You will know what it involves and what to expect when coming in for the therapy. Read on to get the right information and keep your oral health optimal.
What Does Root Canal Therapy Involve?

What Does Root Canal Therapy Involve?

Root canal therapy aims at removing the damaged pulp to save your tooth. Our dentist in Laguna Beach, CA has to access the center of your tooth to remove the damaged pulp. You will need to visit our clinic twice for complete root canal therapy. Here is the root canal therapy procedure.

The first step is putting you under anesthesia since this is an invasive dental procedure. Our dentist will use local anesthesia to numb the site of the procedure. This is to ensure you don’t feel any pain and you are comfortable during the procedure. The next step involves removing the decay and accessing the pulp chamber.

Our dentist will then remove the infected nerve after accessing the pulp chamber. The dentist will then wash the canals using an anti-bacterial solution before placing medication in the canal. We do this to prevent any infection by killing bacteria. The dentist will then provide your tooth with a temporary filling. You will need to take anti-bacterial drugs to prevent infections.

After a few weeks, you will need to revisit our specialist in root canal therapy to complete your treatment. Completing the final step is important otherwise, the tooth may be re-infected. Our specialist will anesthetize you again to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

The specialist will then remove the temporary filling to access your tooth’s pulpal chamber. The canals will be thoroughly cleaned and filled with a special material.

Caring For Your Tooth After Root Canal Therapy

Most patients experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment. Our dentist office near you, can prescribe medication to alleviate the sensitivity and pressure. You should always talk to your dentist if the symptoms persist after taking the medication.

Pain after root canal therapy can be alleviated by over-the-counter pain medications. Maintaining proper oral hygiene after root canal therapy is also important. It will ensure no complications arise after the treatment. Brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. You should also use an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent infections.

How much is root canal therapy?

Root Canal therapy can cost anything from $900 to $1000 without insurance. This is an estimate as many factors can determine how much you pay. Some of these factors include your location, your choice of specialist, and the consultation fees. Insurance can cover some of the costs and help you spend less.

It is also important to know that insurance can have limits, waiting periods, and co-pays. You should consult your insurance company before going for root canal therapy.
How much is root canal therapy?

Pros and Cons of root canal therapy

Root canal therapy has its pros and cons, just like other treatment options. Here are some of the pros and cons of root canal therapy.

Pro-You Won’t Lose Your Tooth

With root canal therapy, you get to keep your natural tooth. Our dentist will only remove the infected pulp tissues and leave your tooth intact after cleaning and refilling it. You won’t have to worry about your smile when you visit our dentist for root canal therapy.

Con- More than One Appointment

Unlike most treatment procedures, root canal therapy requires more than one visit dental clinic near you. You will need two or three visits to complete the therapy.

Pro- No Gaps in the Mouth

If you go for extraction instead of root canal therapy, you will have to worry about the issues caused by gaps. Gaps will affect your diet as you won’t be able to eat properly. Visit our clinic for root canal therapy near you.

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