How To Get A Cerec Single Visit Dentistry During Covid-19 Pandemic

How To Get A Cerec Single Visit Dentistry During Covid-19 Pandemic

Jun 01, 2021

Effects of The Covid-19 Pandemic on Dentistry

The Covid-19 pandemic has wholly altered the normal functioning of organizations while also wreaking havoc in many homes worldwide. After the pandemic outbreak, the World Health Organization issued protocols for combating the virus, thus prompting many dental offices to swing into action by limiting appointment availability to reduce physical contact.

Even though these protocols are crucial for our wellbeing, patients have reported delays in timely appointments and treatment. However, certain oral treatment such as cementing traditional dental crowns requires immediate attention and several dental visits for treatment. While there is still hope of normalcy to return due to the discovery of the vaccine, dental practices must revise their measures to accommodate emergency dental treatments.

For example, residents who book an appointment with a dentist in Laguna Beach should be able to get a Cerec same-day crown procedure with just a single office visit. All you need to do is reach out to them through their official communication channels, book an appointment, and set aside a day for your procedure.

Why Get A Cerec Crown During Covid-19?

  • Saves you money: During a period of economic uncertainty, everyone tends to operate on a lean budget. Hence, nobody will want to break the budget for dental care. For this reason, Cerec during covid-19 provides an ideal alternative to traditional crowns.
  • Saves on time: Since the breakout of covid-19, most of us got caught up in more time-consuming schedules than ever. Therefore, you will only require a day off from your schedule to have a Cerec crown fixed.
  • Cerec Crowns are Durable and Have a Natural Look and Feel: Notably, Cerec crowns are usually tailor-made to blend well with your natural teeth and are manufactured using sturdy, long-lasting materials.
  • Minimizes risk of infection: A single dental visit minimizes your risk of contracting the virus, especially when you observe all the measures issued by the WHO.

How Much Does Cerec Crown Cost?

Like any typical dental procedure, the cost associated with the process will vary based on the following reasons.

  • The orthodontist’s level of experience: Consultants charge higher compared to a regular dentist in newport coast.
  • The region of the country you reside in: The cost will be directly proportional to the region’s market price.
  • The type of insurance cover you are subscribed to: Check if your dentist or dental clinic near you is listed in your insurance’s panelist.
  • The procedures covered in the insurance cover: Some insurance plans could cover the crowning costs fully while others cover the costs partially or reject the process terming it as cosmetic surgery.
  • The cost for a Cerec crowning procedure is known to range between $500-$1,500 per tooth. However, this amount could go up with the addition of the cost of local anesthesia. Most dentists also have dental plans. Ensure you have a financial talk with your dentist if your out-of-pocket expenses are too high.

Cerec Crowns Vs Traditional Crowns

Initially, traditional crowns were groundbreakers in dental advancement, leading to discoveries in dental care. However, with the introduction of Cerec crowns, traditional crowns are now being faced out.

Furthermore, Cerec crowns are considered time savers since they require a single-day dentist visit compared to traditional ones requiring two trips. The length of time necessary to complete a conventional crowning is regarded as a shortfall since a patient is at risk of infections, unlike Cerec crowns, fixed within the same day in the dentist’s office.

How to Choose a Good Dentist Near Me

  • Do Due Diligence: Prepare a list of all the specialists in your locale and do a background check. Check out their patient reviews, certification, cost, and customer support.
  • Ask for Leads and Guidance from friends, family, and neighbors on the best specialist around.
  • Cost: Cerec crowns are same-day procedures. While scouting for a Cerec crown near you, go for one who is within your budget limits.

Remember, Covid-19 is real, so please stay safe and observe the basic measures such as sanitizing, observing social distance, and wearing your mask whenever you interact with others. Also, it would be best if you considered a dental treatment option that reduces the number of follow-up visits to the dentist to reduce your chances of contracting Covid-19.

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