First Visit

We love meeting new patients and we strive to provide the highest quality of dental care in as comfortable and welcoming an environment as possible. To make your first visit go smoothly, here are some things to expect.

When you first arrive at our office, stop first at the kiosk to check in with the receptionist. You’ll receive a tablet on which we’ll need you to do a bit of paperwork – forms on medical history, insurance, and other information typically taken at a doctor’s office. To make this step go as quickly as possible, be sure to bring along your insurance information as well as a list of any medications you’re currently taking.

General appointments usually consist of a dental exam and routine cleaning. You will probably get x-rays taken of your mouth during your first visit so that we have a record of it. Your teeth and gums will be thoroughly examined in order to assess your oral health. A hygienist will then give you a professional cleaning. Following the cleaning, one of our dentists will meet with you to discuss any issues that were found. If you have a clean bill of health, they’ll simply discuss good oral care habits and schedule your next appointment with us.

If you have any questions before your first visit with us, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide any guidance you may need. We look forward to meeting you!