Everything You Should Know about KöR Whitening

Everything You Should Know about KöR Whitening

Jul 01, 2020

Optimum teeth whitening in dentistry is a big concern for patients seeking cosmetic elevation. The desire to have brighter teeth does not last one day. If anything, people today are looking for solutions that will offer long-term results.

Unfortunately, that kind of guarantee has been hard to offer. Dentists in Laguna Beach have also dealt with some frustrations regarding the effectiveness of different whitening gels. In pursuit of excellence and perfection, KöR teeth whitening will prove to be significantly different from other whitening agents in dentistry.

What Makes Teeth Whitening Possible?

When you approach a dentist near you with concerns over stains on your teeth, the goal is never to get average results. This you can achieve on your own at home. You would expect that a dentist in Newport Coast will give you perfection for a smile. However, the whitening products used might curtail the success you are after.

Usually, a whitening gel will require specific factors to work effectively. They include:

  • Contain Hydrogen peroxide – this is the element in whitening gels that breaks down into other elements, mainly water and oxygen, as bleaching.
  • Chemically influenced – for optimal results, the whitening gel should be chemically influenced, enabling it to produce a high percentage of elements other than only water and oxygen.
  • Sufficient time – the longer the gel’s elements interact with your teeth, the better the results. This because the free radicals in whitening gels can sufficiently get into the microstructure of your teeth.

How Does KöR Teeth Whitening Work?

KöR whitening gels use a different technique that assures you of up to 10 hours of teeth bleaching activity. This is far much more than the typical duration of other whitening gels that last between 25-35 minutes.

Ideally, KöR, a dentist near you, will place whitening trays with about 6.5mg of peroxide. A typical whitening tray will allow the entry of saliva, which damages a significant amount of the peroxide in the trays. This is why the bleaching process lasts only a few minutes.

On the other hand, KöR works with some unique whitening trays designed to lock out saliva and sulcular fluids. This means that when the tray is placed on your teeth, it is more or less tamper-proof, which guarantees effective results. The effectiveness is guaranteed by the increased capacity for your teeth to absorb oxygen.

​The Effects of KöR Teeth Whitening

Before you begin to worry about KöR whitening sensitivity, you should learn about the effects of this treatment if your teeth.

  • Brightening of all stains – he stubborn and hard-to-remove stains, such as tetracycline stains, are easily removed from your teeth. The oxygen absorbed allows the breakdown of all the stains from the surface of your teeth.
  • Longevity and permanency – as long as you keep the whitening trays on for 14 consecutive days. After that, you can consider occasional maintenance to keep them as bright and white as the initial results.
  • Little or no discomfort – one major concern with teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Frankly, most best teeth whitening near you techniques result in significant tooth sensitivity that can go on for days before it wears off. With this treatment, you will experience zero pain and discomfort. The sensitivity will hardly be felt, if any.
  • It is safe for use – with patients of different ages benefiting from the treatment, it is easy to ascertain that KöR is a safe procedure of whitening teeth. Before launching it in the market, clinicians tested it several times and approved it because of its safety.

Who Needs KöR Treatment?

Once you notice a yellowing of your teeth, your concerns shift toward finding a dental facility near Shaw’s Cove, Newport Coast, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, and Carona Del Mar. However, before you start booking appointments with your favorite dentist near you, understand that the treatment is not for everyone.

Anyone who gets this treatment has to be above the age of 14 years old. Besides that, the health of your teeth is very crucial. If the health is compromised, your attending dentist is highly likely to propose a different whitening technique, even cosmetics like veneers.

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