Everything You Need to Know About the KöR Teeth Whitening System

Everything You Need to Know About the KöR Teeth Whitening System

Oct 26, 2018

The majority of people are eager to find practical ways to freshen up their smiles by whitening their teeth. There are so many different products that claim to be the best option, however our team at Laguna Family Dentistry in Laguna Beach, California is eager to provide the best possible care for every single one of our patients. This is why we recommend KöR Teeth Whitening System for people looking to transform their smile. Continue reading on to learn more about this unique treatment plan.

What Is KöR Whitening?

KöR Whitening System uses the traditional peroxide whitening gels with the help of customized trays that fit each patient’s smile perfectly. Traditional whitening gels are not the best option as they do not touch every surface of the tooth’s enamel. The product becomes less effective as the environment changes its factors. The refrigeration of KöR’s active ingredients allows it to be rendered as most useful. After the product is finally opened, the gel with be the most effective. There are also ingredients that help to desensitize the tooth to the heat or cold. The treatment helps to completely eliminate stains and dark spots on teeth when used correctly.

Breaking it Down

There are several different treatments that a patient can choose, including the following:

  • KöR Home. This treatment has a duration time of two weeks. The more effective option is used during the night while a day time option can be used for different situations.
  • KöR Max. This treatment has a duration time of two weeks. Along with the at home treatment, an in office option can be used to provide the best results.
  • KöR Ultra. This is a longer treatment that is optimal for tougher and more stubborn stains.
  • KöR Ultra-T treatment takes six to eight weeks and targets stains that develop under the gum line.

How Is KöR Different?

KöR is different as works on your teeth for a longer period of time and is monitored by our Laguna Beach team.

How Much Does it Cost?

Contact our team today to learn the price of KöR and to see if you are a good candidate to try KöR!

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