Dear Friends,

This is undoubtedly the single largest crisis we will all face in our lifetimes. The gravity of that is not lost on me, for I am a small business owner, with my own private practice and employees. Let me assure you of this – we will continue to work in every way possible to help serve our amazing patients. Our goal is for everyone to safely get through this as soon as possible and see your smiles back at the office.

We are clearly in uncharted territory in this crisis, as is nearly every level of government. What I do know is that as a dentist, I am deeply engaged with the news coming from local public health officials to the CDC and others in Washington D.C. I very much want to be able to provide a definitive return to work date, however what is clear is that we – along with all other public officials and otherwise – still do not have a definitive answer. Until that time, California Dental Association’s guidance is to follow the California state shelter-in-place order, which has an open-ended date. I will continue to inform you of our office opening as soon as we get the green light. In the meantime, we continue to see emergency patients on an as needed basis. Please call the office if you are having an emergency. I am always available for consultations via phone, text or email.

Covid-19 Precautions

  • Limited appointments and procedures available with a staggered schedule to ensure the safety of our patients.

  • Each patient prior to their appointment will be screened for COVID 19.

  • Upon arrival patients must stay in the car and call our office to check in.

  • A mask is required at all times for anyone in the office.

  • only the patient is permitted in the clinic area. One parent will be allowed to accompany their child.

  • Temperatures are checked prior to entering the office.

  • Patients are encouraged to disinfect their hands before and after your appointment.

  • All patients will rinse their mouth for 30 seconds with an antiseptic rinse at the start of their appointment.

  • Hepa Air purifiers have been installed throughout the office.

  • All surfaces and countertops are disinfected per cdc guidelines after every patient.

  • All instruments are sterilized per cdc guidelines.

  • All magazines, coffee station have been removed from reception area.

  • Office front door will remain locked and only opened for scheduled patients.

  • All staff are screened daily and will not report to work if any symptoms arise.