CEREC Crowns Restore Damaged and Fragile Teeth in One Visit

CEREC Crowns Restore Damaged and Fragile Teeth in One Visit

Sep 06, 2021

If you have a tooth rendered fragile by tooth decay or damages, it becomes prone to cracking and fracturing, needing restorations with a dental crown. However, after being recommended a dental crown over the affected tooth, you may worry about how long the restorative procedure will take and how to manage the temporary crowns dentists place on your tooth until they have your customized restoration fabricated from a dental laboratory. Fortunately, if you contact the dentist near you, you receive information about alternative treatments for the tooth you can complete in one visit to the dentist’s office.

Excited with the prospect of getting a dental crown in one visit, you may research CEREC near you understand more about this excellent alternative providing you a dental crown and approximately a couple of hours. You decide to delve more into the subject until you decide to visit a provider near you to get your dental restoration immediately.

When Do Dental Crowns Become Necessary?

The requirement for dental crowns becomes necessary if you have a tooth extensively damaged from decay without extensive tooth structure remaining. Dental crowns are also beneficial to cover a dental implant or function as dental bridges. You may need one to cover a severely discolored tooth unresponsive to whitening treatments. A dental crown becomes inevitable if you undergo root canal treatments that render your tooth fragile and prone to fractures and breakages.

Why Choose CEREC Crowns over the Traditional Variety?

Traditional dental crowns require multiple visits to dentist’s offices. Your affected tooth must undergo the preparation process when the dentist files the top and sides of the tooth, giving you local anesthesia. Physical impressions of your tooth taken by the dentist for the dental laboratory helped them customize your dental restoration from porcelain. You receive temporary crowns over the prepared tooth for protection until the dental lab returns your customized crown in approximately three weeks.

After three weeks, you revisit the dentist to have your customized restoration bonded over the prepared tooth. Although the bonding procedure is not uncomfortable, it requires a second visit to the dentist, wasting time and money.

However, if you decide to favor CEREC crowns and visit the cosmetic dentist laguna beach, you allow yourself to complete the entire procedure in one visit and return with your dental restoration smiling away to glory.

What Exactly Is CEREC Restoration?

The acronym for chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics is CEREC. The term indicates your damaged tooth restoration is completed in a single appointment with the dentist using high-quality ceramic material matching the color of your remaining teeth.

The technology for developing your CEREC crown depends on CAD/CAM, which incorporates a camera, computer, and milling equipment in one instrument. The dentist at CEREC in Laguna Beach uses a unique camera to capture accurate images of your damaged tooth. The digital images are transferred to a computer screen for display, where the dentist uses CAD technology to fabricate your restoration.

After fabricating your restoration, the CAM technology takes over to automatically create your dental restoration as you wait in the dentist’s office. You can even consider walking around the office window shopping if you desire, remembering the dentist will have your restoration ready for bonding and approximately an hour when you return to the office.

How Do You Benefit from CEREC Restorations?

CEREC dental crowns deliver tooth-colored restorations in a single visit to the dental office.
As a result, you eliminate the need for temporary crowns or physical impressions to have your restoration created in a dental laboratory.
Multiple dental visits aren’t required because the entire process from preparation to bonding the dental crown is over in one stop.

What Are CEREC Crowns Pros and Cons?


  • CEREC crowns are instant restorations for the functionality of your affected tooth.
  • CEREC crowns are financially beneficial because they eliminate the need for multiple visits to the dentist and the cost of temporary crowns.
  • Ceramic helps make CEREC crowns rendering them comfortable and fitting perfectly.
  • Temporary crowns provided with traditional crowns are uncomfortable and rarely fit. They also tend to come off, exposing your tooth to further decay or damage. By eliminating the requirement of temporaries, CEREC crowns, you prevent injuries to your mouth and other complications.


  • Porcelain fused to metal crowns is more durable than CEREC crowns.
  • If you have a tooth fracture extending below the gum line, the CEREC camera does not capture the image correctly. In such cases, you may require a traditional crown is an ideal restoration for you.

If you are incredibly busy, you may not want to include multiple visits to a dentist for tooth restorations. However, CEREC crowns make the process of getting dental crowns convenient and comfortable. Therefore it makes sense to visit the dentist in Laguna Beach to have your restoration in one appointment.

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