Are Dental Implants a Permanent Replacement for Missing Teeth?

Are Dental Implants a Permanent Replacement for Missing Teeth?

Jan 01, 2022

Tooth loss is a common issue that affects millions of Americans. More than half of the adults in America are missing a tooth. Tooth loss can be caused by a plethora of things such as accidents, poor dental health, and old age. However, our dentist in newport coast can use dental implants near you to replace any number of teeth. Aren’t you glad that you live in the 21st century?

Dental implants in Laguna Beach are renowned for replacing the entire tooth, including the root. This trait alone is enough to make them sit atop the tooth-replacement list. Plus, if they can replace the whole tooth, they can be used for a long time. So, are implants a permanent solution? Let’s see!

Are They Permanent?

Dental implants are not new. They have been around for close to six decades. Their efficacy is quite high, and millions of smiles worldwide can attest to this fact.

Technically, tooth implants are referred to as root replacements, not tooth replacements. This is because the implant is root-sized and is placed directly in the jawbone.

This root-sized rod is made from titanium, a biocompatible material. If a certain material is biocompatible, it simply means that when our dentist introduces it in the body, it will not cause any toxicity. This is also the reason titanium is the go-to material used in orthopedics.

So, our dentist in Laguna Beach will place the titanium screw-like post in your jaw. Then, you will go home and wait for your jaw bone to heal, which can take anywhere between three and six months.

During recovery, the jaw bone will grow around the titanium rod, and if the process is successful, the implant will be firmly secured. In other words, the implant will become a part of your jawbone. You will have a titanium root!

Therefore, the titanium will fully operate like your natural root. However, the implant is incomplete if it doesn’t have a covering. So, our dentist near you will use any tooth replacement options to give you a smile you desire.

When the implant process is complete, you will have a new set of pearly whites. Your smile will be back to its former glory, meaning that normal tooth function will be restored.

Since the tooth implant is firmly secured and is part of your jawbone, it is safe to say that the procedure is permanent.

However, the problem is that you have to be eligible for the procedure.

Can You Get Dental Implants?

On paper, anyone can get tooth implants. However, not every procedure will be successful. Therefore, you will need to meet our dentist to know if you are eligible for the treatment. Some of the things that our dentist will look at will be:

  • Bone Health

The success of dental implants is hinged on the health of your jawbones. You will need to have a jaw bone with enough mass and be healthy enough to support the titanium rod for a lifetime.

  • Age

Age is not necessarily a factor if you wish to get implants. However, there are exceptions. Kids and teenagers may not be the ideal candidates since their bones are still developing. Therefore, this makes adults the perfect candidates.

Plus, our dentist will need to ascertain that:

  • You don’t smoke tobacco
  • You don’t have uncontrolled diseases such as diabetes that can hinder the healing process
  • You have healthy gums
  • You can commit to several months of treatment

Why Should You Choose Tooth Implants?

Dental implants are always a good option when you are thinking of replacing missing teeth, here’s why:

  • Stability

Having shifty or wiggly teeth is no fun. That’s why having removable dentures is no fun since they have to be held in place with adhesives or suction. However, implants are artificial tooth roots that are firmly secured and will be as stable as your natural teeth.

  • Durability

Your teeth were made to be with you for an entire lifetime. However, if this is not an option because you have missing teeth, dental implants are the next best thing. Since they are made from titanium and are inserted into your jawbone, making them a permanent root. So, they are a permanent and long-lasting tooth-replacement option.

  • Bone Health

When you lose a tooth, bone loss is inevitable. But tooth implants can stop the deterioration of your bone. Therefore, they are vital in maintaining bone health.

As you have seen, tooth implants are an amazing tooth replacement option. Plus, they are a practical and permanent tooth replacement. Contact us at Laguna Family Dentistry for more information.

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