Alternative Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

Alternative Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

Aug 23, 2019

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that affects many people. Sadly, many people don’t even realize that they are suffering from sleep apnea. When the condition gets diagnosed, one of the most commonly suggested treatment is CPAP therapy. But the sleep apnea dentist comes across situations where patients are not comfortable with the CPAP machine. However, there is nothing to worry, as there are many alternative sleep apnea treatment options.

  • Wearing an Oral/ Dental Appliance

The dentist in newport coast says that the oral appliance has emerged as a popular option for the sleep apnea in Laguna Beach patients and patients who have issues with CPAP machine have become increasingly comfortable with this treatment option. The option is suitable for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea.

  • Surgery For Sleep Apnea

It is the most common option for reducing or eliminating the extra tissue in your throat, which collapses and blocks the airway during the sleep. While some surgeries can be less invasive, others can be major. Also, surgery may not be the right choice for everyone and some people may benefit from it more than others, says the dentist in Laguna Beach.

  • Undergoing Weight Management Program

In some people, the cause of sleep apnea is obesity or being overweight, says the dentist in Laguna Beach, CA. These people can benefit from undergoing a weight loss program in Dana Point.

  • Positional Therapy

It’s a behavioral technique used for treating positional sleep apnea. Some people can experience it while sleeping on their backs. Their breathing returns to normal when they sleep on their side. In this treatment a patient needs to wear the special device around the waist or back, says the dentist near Laguna Hills and Carona Del Mar.

  • Changing Some of Your Everyday Habits

Altering some lifestyle habits can help in reducing snoring and improving sleep apnea symptoms. In fact, behavioral changes like quitting smoking and not drinking alcohol may help in improving symptoms of sleep apnea, says the dentist near Newport Coast. In case of allergy, taking a decongestant before going to bed may help in improving airflow through the nose.

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